How it Works


How can I follow your alerts ?

Click Here to get Started. You will receive an SMS text message and email whenever we trade a new stock. All you have to do it login to your broker and buy the same stock as us.

When we exit the trade we will send you another message right away. Simply sell the stock and you will have successfully copied our trade!

If you follow all our trades consistently then you will have almost identical results to ours.

Do you trade using real money?

Yes! Unlike most other stock-picking services who only trade on demo accounts we use our own real capital to trade every single alert we send out. In fact, we started Silver Fusion Capital as a private fund before starting to share our trades with our subscribers.

How much capital do I need to have in order to start?

Our members have successfully started following our alerts with accounts as small as $200 so it really depends on your situations. You can always start small and grow your account over time which is what we did when we started!

What if I decide to cancel my account?

No problem! Just send us an email and your account will not renew at the next term. As simple as that. No contracts, no commitments, no questions asked. Although we’re pretty sure you’ll like to stick with us for years to come.

Are your services available in my country?

I work with clients from anywhere in the world, I send out Alert using a phone app called “Whatsapp” that is free to use and notifications arrive to you instantly.

What Assets do You Trade?

I trade Forex, commodities, Stock indexes, and futures such as Oil, S&P500, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, Gold, etc..

What are your Charges?

I take 200$/month for providing you my signals, the payment period starts after the 2 week Trial ends.

Do you use any messaging platform for sending the signals?

I will text you on your cell phone using WHATSAPP mobile application or call you to give the signal information such as entry & exit points.

For additional ways to receive my signals, contact me in private.

Can I do a trial before subscription?

The first 14 days are FREE, you can cancel anytime, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

After the trial ends its 200$/month which is my regular price

How long do your trades last?

Usually there’s a delay of 1 – 2 days and weeks between each entry and take-profit point. It depends on the movement of the market as we wait until our asset reaches its take-profit mark.

Although occasionally we keep the position for as long as 1 – 2 months during longer rallies when we are winning, allowing us to ride the rally and really grow our account.

If you’re trading with a small account then the holding time will be shorter such as under 1 day in some cases and stops will be tighter.

How Long Have you been Trading?

I have been trading for some of the biggest Firms in Chicago and in 2009.

I went independent and began trading my own account as well as providing signals to my clients for almost a decade now.