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About Top Trading Signals

My name is Gregory Lupu and I am the founder of Top Trading Signals. I have a bachelors degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance. I have also worked for some of the top trading firms in Chicago including Gelber Securities, Trade Link, and Chicago Futures Group.

What is our experience?

We have spent 15 years researching, developing, and back testing trading strategies for different markets over multiple timeframes. Our trading philosophy in a nutshell is short term trading does not work and thus the only way to increase your capital is to trade from a 3Month-1Year holding period. Day trading does not work and holding very long term is not really an optimal use of your capital. Somewhere in between these two extremes work best.

Our primary area of expertise is in the following products: SP futures, currencies, bonds, commodities, and metals
There are 4 things that are extremely important when trading amongst other subjective criteria:

Entry: price to enter a trade

Exit: how long do you hold the position

Risk Management: how much to risk per trade

Trade Discipline: following your systems

This seems pretty simple but believe us it is not. We have developed systems to determine the appropriate time to enter and to exit a trade. Trade discipline comes from following the systems and adhering to Risk Management. I never risk more then 4% of equity on a single trade. This is what the top trading firms do and thus why argue with the best. The subjective or artistic skills one needs to become good at trading or any profession comes through experience and experience only. To become successful one needs to lose and to really lose and UNDERSTAND why one is losing. No great athlete or sports team has had success right off the bat- Michael Jordan played 7 seasons before winning a championship. It’s just the way it is and anyone who tells you differently is not being completely honest.

In trading, it is more important to understand what not to do then what to do and you can only truly understand this by losing your own capital and journalizing your trades. It took many years of losing and trial and error- 5 years to be precise before We learned how to be successful. Let me repeat it is critical to journalize your trades!

There are so many things you need to be successful in trading. Firstly you need a robust trading system which stands the test of time. You need capital to trade with and this has to be extra capital not your day to day living capital. Do not trade with your day to day living capital! You need a discipline to follow your system: this cannot be understated.

Most importantly you need trading experience and this you only get with time and or mentorship.

We were fortunate to have two mentors during our early years. They kept us on the right path and saved us from going bankrupt. It is critical to have a mentor!!! It took 5 years to achieve profitability and we can humbly say that we’re still learning 15yrs later. As the founder of Top Trading Signals, I can truly say that I care about my students development and will provide you with the tools to become successful. It will require hard work and discipline but in the end I promise you will make a living at this business.

On behalf of all of us, we recommend you to take on our free trial and expect some great results.

Gregory Lupu

Founder | TopTrading Signals

You can reach me:  gregorylupu@hotmail.com or alternatively I can be reached at 514 559-5748.